Reverse Engineering the Mix

Submitted by daniele on Mon, 10/26/2009 - 13:07
Daniele Barchiesi, Joshua Reiss

The reverse engineering demo contains a Matlab GUI that can be used to estimate the parameters of the effects employed during the mixing of a multi-track recording.
Starting from the raw recordings of each channel, it is possible to create a custom mix adding effects such as equalisation filters, compressors, gains and delays or to load a mix from an external file.
Once the final or “target” mix has been created, two different optimisation algorithms can be used to estimate either the parameters of linear effects (gain, delays and filters) or dynamic effects (compressors, expanders, etc.).

More details about the theory and the implementation of the algorithms can be found in the paper “Automatic Target Mixing Using Least-Square Optimisation of Gain and Equalisation Settings” which can be freely downloaded from

Notes for the installation:
Please follow the instructions contained in the "Readme" file. If you don't have Matlab installed in your system, install the Matlab Compiler Runtime provided in the package.

- Windows users:
run the demo.exe application
- Mac users:
from terminal, run the shell script "" using the following command

sh path_to_MCR

where path_to_MCR contains the path to the installed Matlab Compiler Runtime (for example /Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Compiler_Runtime/V78/).