The Organ Web App

You are invited to take part in a web app user evaluation.

The Organ Web App is developed by Beici Liang supervised by George Fazekas. This is a five month MAT advanced placement project as part of the Organ Project undertaken at the Union Chapel in the summer of 2015. This exploratory web app provides the user with information about different parts of the Henry Willis pipe organ, and enables user to play the organ with six different timbres using computer keyboard and mouse.


  • Please use The Organ Web App and play the organ first.
  • Next, please click here to complete a short questionnaire. This may take you about five minutes.

Please use a recent version of the following web browsers on your computer:

  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Thanks for your participation.

The Organ Project

The Organ Project at Union Chapel aims to make the Henry Willis Organ more accessible to our local community and beyond through arts, music and education. The goal is not only to honour the legacy of this very special instrument by keeping up a regular organ recital diary, but also to programme concerts right across the genre pool, breathing fresh life into the organ by having it performed in styles which have never previously been attempted on a mechanical organ. These concerts continue to demonstrate how versatile the organ can be and that it is not simply a church instrument, but in fact the world's first synthesizer which can be incorporated into most genres of music. This versatility is also reflected in our education strand for adults and children, which provides an opportunity for people to learn about the organ through their chosen art form.


If you are interested by the project and wish to collaborate please contact Beici Liang (