Audio Engineering Society 53rd conference on Semantic Audio

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C4DM is hosting the next Semantic Audio Conference chaired by Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg (Fraunhofer IDMT) and Prof. Mark Sandler (QMUL).

The conference will be held at the Barbican Centre, 26-29 January, 2014, London, UK.

Please find more information and the Call for Papers at the following website:

Submission deadlines: 15. Sept. 2013 for regular papers, 15. Oct. 2013 for demo proposals.

Follow us on Twitter: #AES53rd; find us on Facebook. is sponsoring a Prize for Reproducible Research for papers submitted to the conference.


Semantic Audio is concerned with content-based management of digital audio recordings. The rapid evolution of digital audio technologies, e.g. audio data compression and streaming, the availability of large audio libraries online and offline, and recent developments in content-based audio retrieval have significantly changed the way digital audio is created, processed, and consumed. New audio content can be produced at lower cost, while also large audio archives at libraries or record labels are opening to the public. Thus the sheer amount of available audio data grows more and more each day.

Semantic analysis of audio resulting in high-level metadata descriptors such as musical chords and tempo, or the identification of speakers facilitate content-based management of audio recordings. Aside from audio retrieval and recommendation technologies, the semantics of audio signals are also becoming increasingly important, for instance, in object-based audio coding, as well as intelligent audio editing, and processing. Recent product releases already demonstrate this to a great extent, however, more innovative functionalities relying on semantic audio analysis and management are imminent. These functionalities may utilise, for instance, (informed) audio source separation, speaker segmentation and identification, structural music segmentation, or social and Semantic Web technologies, including ontologies and linked open data.

This conference will give a broad overview of the state of the art and address many of the new scientific disciplines involved in this still-emerging field. Our purpose is to continue fostering this line of interdisciplinary research. This is reflected by the wide variety of invited speakers presenting at the conference.

Keynote and invited speakers

Meinard Müller (International Audio Laboratories Erlangen, Germany)
Gaël Richard
(TELECOM ParisTech and CNRS, France)
Gerhard Widmer (Department of Computational Perception, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria)
Yves Raimond (BBC R&D, London, UK)
For an up-to-date list of the invited talks, please refer to the programmes page.


The conference is organised by the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at Queen Mary, University of London, UK and the Fraunhofer-Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie (IDMT), Ilmenau, Germany. The chairs are Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg and Prof. Mark Sandler. Paper co-chairs are Christian Dittmar (Fraunhofer IDMT) George Fazekas and Sebastian Ewert (QMUL). Our technical tour is organised in collaboration with BBC R&D.

For more details about the organiser institutions and a full list of commettee members, please see the dedicated commettee page.


Download the official call for contributions published in the Journal of the Audio Eng. Soc.

Download the conference flyer.

Special Session on Semantic Audio Organization and Retrieval – Integrating User and Audio Information.