SAWA: The OMRAS2 Music Analysis and Feature Extraction Service

Sonic Annotator Web Application analyses uploaded audio files using Vamp feature extractor plugins.

You may also be interested in other applications built on this system: SAWA-Recommender,
a music similarity engine and SAWA-TempEst (coming soon) for the analysis of instrument tuning.

SAWA Copyright Policy

These sites, including the SAWA feature extraction service and SAWA music recommender do not offer music for download, nor do they allow access to user-uploaded audio files. After uploading a music file, it will be available for feature extraction, or serve to seed a query only for the extent of an isolated single user session. (This is approximately 12 hours.) All files uploaded by users are automatically deleted from our servers within 12 hours. The features offered for download do not contain audio data. No copyrighted material is made available via these services to our users or third parties.